Sunday, 29 November 2009

Homoeopathy Discussed By Parliamentary Comity.

Homoeopathy has recently been the focus of an 'evidence check' by a parliamentary sub-comity on science and technology. The video is available, as are all the written submissions.
The most interesting bit to my mind is where the gentleman from Boots (a large UK pharmacist chain) admits that there is no reason to believe that homoeopathic remedies are effective, despite Boots being one of the largest retailers of such 'treatments'. I'm already well aware of both the evidence of effectiveness (almost entirely negative) and the theoretical background (comical) of homeopathy so I found the rest of the video either frustrating or nothing new. If there is no reason on a theoretical basis to believe that something might work and plenty of empirical evidence showing that it does not then surely the tax payer should not be funding it on the NHS and it should not be sold as an active medicine? People can still buy it if they want, but it should not be marketed as an effective treatment.

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